Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this is happening!!! The boxes are off to the Dominican Republic!!! Thank you very much American Airlines and all the wonderful people at AA Cargo who made this all so smooth this morning!!!! Thank you to everyone who has donated and made this all possible. There are going to be many happy kids in the Dominacn this Christmas!!! #DEx4DRp #teachyourkidsitbiggerthansoftball #DExNation

Last Tournament of the Season

We played our last tournament of the season today. Although we had an extremely successful season, none of that mattered this weekend. We played in the Presley Mitchell Memorial tournament. Our head coach ensured the girls knew what and why they were playing and had explained that wins and losses did not matter in this tournament. We played to honor the memory of #22 Presley Mitchell. The girls raised money at the park and the restaurant we went to for lunch. We hope our girls left the tournament as better people and understand just how special this sport is and how it can help you grow in so many ways. It was great to see how a whole softball community came together to honor someone and help the family. Our prayers and love go out to the Mitchell family.


Playing for Presley

If anyone is not sure what Diamond Express is about or what we stand for let me show you. We had Glory girls, Impact girls, sisters, DEx with DEx all picking up to play for 1 cause #22, #playingforPresley. I am blessed beyond belief to call all these girls and coaches FAMILY!!! God Bless Texas Attitude, God bless the Mitchell family, God Bless and hold Presley tight in your loving arms today and always!!!! Never prouder to say I am DExBOOM!!!!!! No trophy chasing here, doing the right thing in life brings out the people that you want to surround yourself with. Winning is an afterthought….. although it happens it a lot here…. (sorry humble brag). Make them better people first, better players second. – Mike Eggleton

DEx4DRP Donations going to Dominican Republic

This is why I love this organization. Everything comes from the heart. From our children to teaching our kids how to help others. We want to thank everyone who took the time to donate to a worthy cause. We are a softball family and it was heartbreaking to hear that others love it just as much but don’t have the same opportunities. What does DEx do? Let’s do something about it! This is just one small organization wanting to help others enjoy this great game. I’m proud and honored to be a part of it.


Well, the girls took 3rd place last weekend and it seems they weren’t satisfied with 3rd. They came out and fought this weekend to take the championship. So proud of how they came together and fought all weekend. Shut out the last two teams in the semi and the finals (5-0, 3-0). Shout out to our other #DExFam for giving everyone a run for their money.

Pray for Our Softball Family

Please lift the Texas Attitude softball family up in prayer today. They lost one of their 12U players yesterday as she collapsed on the field. Their organization is asking players to wear their jerseys tomorrow in remembrance for her and take a pic so we can post them to their page for support. Just utterly heartbreaking.
#22 #TexasAttitude #prayers4presley

Below is the link for the bracelets for sell. The proceeds will go directly to the Mitchell Family.