Thank you everyone who donated

Another AMAZING day today in the DR, by far the best one yet. We drove up to a line of kids waiting for us, baseball fields ready to go and players waiting to play. Baseball/Softball is truly a universal language. Watching kids communicate on the field without speaking the same language is amazing!!! This trip has been amazing. We WILL do it bigger next year with more stuff for these kids!!!!! The look on the kids face when they got their equipment was absolutely priceless!!!! The gratitude from everyone can’t be expressed in words you have to feel it. The DFW Softball and Baseball community made a huge impression this week and I can’t thank you all enough!!!!!

Express Delivery

We had an amazing day today. We drove across the countryside of Luperon and stopped at 4 different towns to give some of the equipment to the needy kids. What a humbling experience it was. These kids and parents were all so grateful, but still need so much more. Thank you so much to everyone that donated, still have more work to do. #DEx4DRp